A couple of subtle canvas changes are coming up in the Semiologic theme

I’m not documenting the specifics right away, since they might still change, but v.0.9 of the Semiologic theme will include a few of subtle canvas changes.

For information, they are the following at the time of writing this:

  • A new #body_wrapper has been added for convenience
  • New splitters in the header and footer wrappers have been introduced; some are conditional
  • #header_wrapper, #body_wrapper, and #footer_wrapper no longer default to width: 100%, but get the wrapper class instead
  • Margins are now all 20px (this has no consequence whatsoever based on tests on my own skins, but it might affect a custom skin here and there)
  • The widget title-related CSS has been re-engineered and will likely break custom skins based on the boxed theme whose widget title backgrounds were changed
  • The icons have been changed

I’m itching to simplify the canvas a bit further, too — e.g. remove some cruft over in the various “Entry: XYZ” widgets.

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  1. I’m doing my best. If it does, fyi, it’ll almost certainly do so in an intelligent way: the title would just revert to black with a white background.

    The update boxed skin looks quite the same as the copywriter skin, which is running on this site at the time of writing — the only difference between the two is that each widget and entry is in a box.

    The two goals behind these changes are to make the skins load faster, and to make them easier to customize for unsavvy users — i.e. no need to edit graphics for most things.

  2. Hi Denis,

    Would love to see that green theme you showed me on Oct 5th, which had 10px between the page elements, square corners.

    Would love to have one option in business style dark dark grey (or almost black) dark nav bar and footer area, with a play on shades of dark and light grey – please!

  3. Well I’m sure you’re improving things for good reason and things can’t stand still so we’ll have to cope. Thanks for giving warning though, now if only wordpress themselves could think like that :)

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