WordPress 2.9 is around the corner

One full month of planned beta/RC! That is rather long, by WP standards. And there are invites to participate in testing, which we’ll of course be doing.

What this means for Semiologic Pro users…

I’m going to publish the 6.0 zip as soon as the Semiologic theme, v.0.9 is ready. I’ll be tweaking Version Checker in such a way that 6.0 RC1 users will not see a prompt to upgrade. Everything is upgradable from the WP admin (under Appearance / Themes for themes, and Plugins / Installed for plugins), so there really is no point in anyone upgrading things all at once.

Once we see a sufficiently stable WP 2.9-beta, a 6.1-alpha zip will be up for grabs for bleeding edge package users. The dev zip will advertise itself as such, so that testers can upgrade WP from Tools / Upgrade.

I’ve only three items on my todo list for 6.1:

The first are Version Checker tweaks and improvements. The ultimate goal here is to decorrelate Semiologic Pro and WordPress upgrades completely. In other words, we’ll be streamlining what we’ve been experimenting in practice for a few months already: plugins and themes would be upgraded separately from WP, in bite-size chunks that don’t cause upgrade problems due to zip size. (It’s much easier to maintain, too.)

The second is mostly pending Amazon, and Longtail Video. On the one hand side, I’d like to automatically implement media streaming, when available, with Mediacaster. On the other, a new version of their player is due this month, and it would allow to add a big “share this video” button in players without messing up affiliate links that are inserted in videos.

The last and most important change will be a skin installer/upgrader for the Semiologic theme. That would — finally — make the theme v.1.0, after a full year of developments. The updated set of skins should be up for grabs, I hope, towards the end of next week.

There should be 12 color schemes for each of the 6 skins (I’m not counting the Shades skin as one) when I’m done next week: Beige, Blue, Brown, Gold, Green, Purple, Red, Teal, Silver, Black (dark grey), and two more that I’ve yet to settle on. (Probably some bright olive scheme, and a navy blue one.)

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  1. I have watched Semiologic grow for a few years now. It has always been a step above the rest of options out there. And with what is unfolding in the weeks to come, I am even more impressed. What a fantastic job you continue to do. Thanks for all your efforts.

  2. I think I’m going to call the boxed and copywriter skins done for now. I tend to feel a bit like a skin herder atm, dealing with 24 skins at once. :-D

    Onto the classic skins. That’ll make it 36. <g>


    PS: Thanks all! :-)

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