Playing around with skins

Update: the new skins are up for grabs.

From lack of helpful designers who would be willing to distribute a few free skins for the Semiologic theme, I’ve set out to redesign, rework and improve the existing ones.

The revamped Boxed, Red skin is, at the time of writing, being used on this site. (I’ll likely have switched to a different one if you read this a few days after this gets posted.)

That is to say… it’s going to be a few more days before I release v.0.9 of the theme.

In the meanwhile, I’ll be testing skins on this site. If you spot anything that seems weird in some odd browser (IE6, to name but one) or if you’ve constructive feedback on the skin that is in use on the site, please drop a note in the comments below.

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  1. I like the Semiologic and I had good results with it, I think a great thing would be to make the Semiologic w3c compliant because there is one herror that is there not allowing the Semiologic to become validated.

  2. Hey, I’m really like the skins you’re trying out. They look more corporate which is what I’m looking for.

    It would be great to see the Classic and Light skins using these graphics. I don’t really like every widget on the sidebar being boxed though. I like boxes, but that just over does it.

    • Hehe! Agreed. There are way too many boxes imo; but some users like boxes…

      That’s what the copywriter skin update will be addressing, too: pretty much the same styles and graphics, but only one or two boxes — one for sidebar, possibly one for the content.

      The other skins are slated for a revisit as well. The classy skin, in particular, is one I plan to completely redo. As I mentioned in the forum, I initially liked the blue one, but I’ve come to find it very hard to use. :-)

  3. In case someone feels like reporting it, the difference between IE/Opera rendering and Gecko/Webkit is known. (The latter get rounded corners, the former do not.)

    It’s a known side-effect, but a “necessary evil” to allow for easy background customization.

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