Plugin and theme updates

Today’s plugin, theme and doc updates:

  • Semiologic theme v.0.8 RC7, hat tip Mark (Auto Car Insurance) for sticking more WP-bug related issues under my nose, with updated docs. (The legacy theme got bumped to 6.0 directly.)
  • Mediacaster v.2.0 RC4, with updated docs.
  • Silo v.3.0, with updated docs.
  • Semiologic Cache v.1.2.
  • Semiologic Fixes 1.9.1, which fixes a race condition that prevented page-specific headers from working in the Semiologic theme.
  • Widget Contexts v.2.0

In other words, we’re babysitting Smart Links and Mediacaster, and the Semiologic theme, for a few more days.

Version Checker also needs a slight update before we bump the mess to 6.0, as some WP bugs may cause upgrade problems on some sites.

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