Smart Links 4.0 RC8, XML Sitemaps 1.5

I’ve published several plugin and theme updates in the past couple days. Smart Links RC8 and XML Sitemaps 1.5 in particular. I’d advise users of those two plugins to upgrade them.

For those who are interested in the gory details, I was running into weird smart link bugs on this site, whereby smart links in posts were occasionally not found. It took me about two weeks to weed through each one.

Scanning through my site’s error logs, looking for “MySQL has died” types of error (to my despair, none were present) revealed a rather critical niggle in XML Sitemaps. I introduced it two or so weeks ago, so be sure to grab that one.

The two issues fixed in Smart Links 4.0 RC8 probably don’t affect most users, but they certainly did affect my own site enough to mandate that they get fixed:

  • It no longer fails to catch two links to the same entry with different references — e.g. “smart-links” and “Smart Links”
  • It no longer caches context-sensitive data

The second point was quite tricky to identify. Only when I worked on the Semiologic theme’s archives pages’ navigability (more on this later) did I finally understand what was going on: the WP workflow interfered with caching when Fancy Excerpt — or WP, for that matter — was generating excerpts.

Initially, I had resorted to caching based on whether the content or an excerpt is being generated (RC5 to RC7), but it occurred to me this afternoon that it wouldn’t prevent a multi-page post to cache junk. RC8 introduces a context-free cache by changing the workflow a bit.

The plugin is now fixed as far as I can tell from my own site. I’ll give it another couple of days of testing before I give it a final go for it.

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