Semiologic Reloaded theme, v.0.8 RC4

So… The Semiologic theme, Reloaded got updated to v.0.8 RC4.

There was a short-lived and undocumented RC3 in between, so the changes described below are those since RC2.

What prompted me to do them: I was recently browsing a website, trying to find an couple of old posts in order to place a comment in a forum. The navigability of its archives was lacking, to say the least. Completely inexistent, in fact. WordPress is arguably better, since there are at least next/previous page links, but checking my own site revealed it definitely wasn’t that suitable either.

With all this in mind, the key changes in the Semiologic theme (the first set also applies to the deprecated theme, for consistency in the widgets)…

First and foremost, the “Entry: Category” widget’s caption has an expanded argument list. You can now display the post’s date at your option, with a link to the monthly archives. The number of comments on the post (or an add a comment link) also made its appearance.

Post dates
Post Dates

Next, post lists now have page numbers for easier navigability, rather than mere next/previous page links:

Posts Navigation
Posts Navigation

Lastly, date archives are sort by date ascending by default, and feature top and bottom navigation so as to allow for quick browsing from a date to the next:

Date Navigation
Date Navigation

Semiologic Pro users who use Version Checker should be able to upgrade under Appearance / Themes.

Two more key changes are related to my wanting to re-open comments because the development feed is moving to this blog instead of my twitter account.

Basically, the way comments are displayed (this one only applies to the new theme): the comment’s header now flows above the comment, and the gravatar is larger:

Comments Format
Comments Format

Along the same lines, the space assigned to the comment form’s fields’ labels were shortened, and the checkbox to subscribe to comments (when the plugin is enabled) was moved further up:

Comments Form
Comments Form

The key change is a font size increase in the Semiologic Reloaded theme. While reading and rewriting docs since the beginning of the month, I’ve found things hard to read due to its small size. It’s now using 15px across the board, instead of 14px give or take depending on the font used.

After upgrading you’ll need to edit or recreate the “Blog: Header” widget (in the “Before the Entries” panel), as the “Archives” caption has changed. Be sure to do the same for the “Entry: Category” widget if you wish to have links to monthly archives or comments at the end of your posts.

In case you want to stick to a smaller font, browse Appearance / Custom CSS to change it as you see fit. But as noted further up, if I found it hard to read my own site, the odds are your readers find yours hard to read as well — ask them before reverting to something smaller.

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