The dev news feed is going to move

Blog — The Semiologic dev news feed, which is currently run through my twitter account, is moving over to this site.

This serves three purposes:

  1. It allows for lengthier news items when needed, rather than tiny tid bits
  2. It frees my twitter account from the constraints of needing to discuss Semiologic Pro and WordPress dev news only (the WordPress news feed on this site seems to do this just fine) without being able to reply to @username when needed
  3. And one never knows whether or will be around in a year or two, so might as well keep things in a “safe” location

I end up re-opening comments on posts, in order to keep the thing interaction friendly. While doing so, I noticed that the Semiologic theme needed a few more tweaks and enhancements on that front. I’ll publish them shortly, alongside Version Checker.

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