Php Code Completion in TextMate

Blog — While running across Shane’s WordPress bundle for TextMate, it occurred to me that there might be code completion for PHP too.

Googling around reveals no working bundle. For good reasons, too, since it’s now part of the built-in PHP Bundle.

The only issue here is that the keyboard shortcut to use (Option + Esc) it less natural than Tab. Luckily, you can change it:

  1. Bundles / Bundle Editor / Edit Commands
  2. Locate the PHP bundle’s Completions for Word…
  3. Change it to something more natural (e.g. Option + Tab)

Mm, if I could find a means to use Tab instead, that would be very sweet. Tweet @ddebernardy if you know how.

Update: It’s actually neater. There are two completions, by default, and no reason to change it:

  • Option + Esc to grab stuff from the php docs
  • Esc and Shift + Esc to cycle through stuff defined in the current doc