Semiologic Pro, v.5.7

Notice – I’ve just released Semiologic Pro 5.7. Users with an ongoing membership can download it from the members’ area.

Key changes in this release:

  • WordPress 2.7 is included in the package
  • Multitudes of plugins have gotten minor tweaks and bug fixes related to recent WP API changes
  • A few plugins have been dropped (e.g. Now Reading, Role Manager)
  • Other plugins have been replaced, by new ones (Semiologic Cloner) and by existing ones (Version Checker now manages upgrades)
  • We’ve introduced a few new plugins, such as Auto Thickbox
  • The Semiologic Docs plugin got a massive update, to take advantage of the recently introduced help API in WP
  • Version Checker now allows you to install Semiologic Pro on a WP 2.7 site (we’ll put up a page on how to do this shortly)

Old time users will probably want to give some attention to:

  • The stuff we’ve recently published in this site’s SEO resources — Larry is working on many more resources pages
  • The forum’s sticky threads on Semiologic Reloaded and the Upgrade Wizard

A word on Darrell Ridley, as I assume many old time users didn’t get the message: He pulled out of his purchase agreement, is no longer part of Semiologic in any way, and I’m back in charge of the site.

To conclude on upcoming developments: Semiologic Pro hosting will be available this quarter on And Semiologic 6 (with the Semiologic Reloaded theme) will be released alongside WP 2.8, which is slated this quarter as well.