Semiologic Pro 5.6.5 Released

Today, we released Semiologic Pro 5.6.5.  This is a mandatory security release containing the WordPress 2.6.5 version.

Besides WordPress 2.6.5, additional fixes in this release include:

  • Added ability to exclude pages from all but silos
  • Bookmark Me add back to feeds and validation warnings removed.
  • Askimet 2.2.2
  • Several Author Images bugs fixed including multiple authors and problems uploading another user’s image.
  • Fixed bugs in Article Uploader when Visual Editor is disabled.
  • Fixed Admin Menu css issue when using tiled header.
  • Changed default robots.txt contents.
  • Broken class attribute in External Links fixed.

I have also updated the free Semiologic theme to 5.6.5 as well.

This will be the last 5.6.x release as Denis and I, are moving on to get SLP 5.7 ready for the upcoming WordPress 2.7 release.  (I know we said that last time.)