Semiologic Pro 5.6.4 Released

Today, we released Semiologic Pro 5.6.4.  This is a maintenance release and introduces no new functionality to the product itself.

Fixes in this release include:

  • Javascript error in the Google Analytics plugin in IE7 removed.
  • MSN Subscribe-Me link fixed.
  • Navbar css class was wrong.
  • 301 errors when using a non-www site name and pc_robots.txt plugin are now fixed.
  • Mediacaster broke rss feeds when also using rss2blog and caused feed not to validate.
  • Fixed contact form error message display and handling if no data is entered and then form submitted.
  • Improved sem-cache error message if cache file cannot be deleted/created.
  • External Links plugin no longer causes blank screen on a couple of sites.
  • Improved usability of Url navbar item entry.
  • Bookmark Me widget no longer displayed in rss feeds.
  • Updated mediaplayer used by Mediacaster to latest release.

I have also updated the free Semiologic theme to 5.6.4 as well.

This will be the last 5.6.x release as Denis and I, are moving on to get SLP 5.7 ready for the upcoming WordPress 2.7 release.