Semiologic Pro 5.6 Released


Changes in SLP 5.6:

  • WordPress 2.6.1 (See this WP blog post including a demo video for information on the new functionality)
  • Enhancement to TinyMCE toolbar with the TinyMCE Advanced Plugin
  • Category ordering
  • Improved comment management including quick reply
  • Virtual robots.txt creation and management
  • Tags for static pags – now a separate plugin
  • New MyBlogLogReader widget
  • New Tag Cloud widgets – Allows multiple tag clouds such as sidebar and inline in your 404 page with page tags and tag cloud configuration options.
  • New Archives widget – Allows multiple widgets such as sidebar and inline in your Archive page.
  • New Footer Credits widget
  • Updated plugins: Add From Server, Hashcash, Askimet, Markdown
  • Reincluded Smart Update Pinging functionality including an updated ping site list
  • Author name option in Entry Header
  • Automatic Image captions (WP 2.6)

Fixed in 5.6:

  • Features screen broken by new WP 2.6 plugin screens
  • Sem Docs display broken by WP 2.6
  • Meta tag and <footer> xhtml validation errors
  • Sem Docs not updating on some sites
  • Widgets now drag and drop correctly, Change link missing, wrapping of long widget titles in admin screen.
  • Subscribe Me dropdown transparency issue
  • Upgrade wizard now handle binary files correctly (issue several people saw with missing graphics on their sites)
  • Bookmark Me dropdown layout width shortened to fit correctly in sidebars.
  • Reenabled STBV option screen
  • Print page was incorrectly being indexed
  • Page Ordering broken. Ordering wouldn’t stick
  • Clicking on a page tag would generate a 404 error
  • Newsletter sign up button would change for aweber forms.
  • Article Uploader only embeds contents between <body> now

After upgrading please be sure to flush your site cache (if using wordPress Caching plugins (sem-cache, wp-cache) and also your browser’s cache (Ctrl+F5).

This version is located in the Software Download page of the Member’s Area on the site.

You can either upload the files manually to your site using FTP or use the Upgrade wizard. If you are using SLP 5.5 or a 5.6-Beta/RC please upload the attached Sem-wizards plugin first.