WordPress theme and plugin updates

Notice — A couple of plugin updates have been occurring recently:

  • The Semiologic Theme has new headers and, in its Pro version, features a means to override the page title, meta keywords and meta description.
  • Admin Menu, Ad Spaces (obsolete), Fuzzy Recent Comments (obsolete), Fuzzy Recent Posts (obsolete), Fuzzy Recent Updates (obsolete), Related Entries (obsolete), and Related Entries for Feeds (obsolete) all have been updated for WP 2.1 or WP 2.1.1 compatibility
  • Google Analytics was updated to address a php4 incompatibility
  • Smart Links now works with special templates, including those from UTW
  • Static Front Page (obsolete) now works with WP 2.1
  • Subscribe My was updated to address CSS conflicts that arose with some themes