Semiologic CMS, v.3.0.1

In software — It had to happen. ;)

As a follow-up to a popular request, you can now drop a header.gif (or .png, .jpg, or .jpeg) file into your theme dir, and it will magically be inserted in place of the text in your blog’s header.

That aside:

Semiologic plugins

Fancy excerpt

v.2.1 (updated)

  • Squashed a bug

Opt-in Front

v.2.1 (updated)

  • Now with an auto install (click the link in the plugin description as admin)

Semiologic CMS

v.3.0.1 (updated)

  • drop a header.gif image (or .png, .jpg or .jpeg) into your theme directory to magically use it rather than a text description of your site
  • Added the missing trackback rdf

For the Pro package only

  • Squashed a bug with some php5 platforms
  • Added a few experimental SEO tweaks