What host would you recommend?

Question — I’m in the process of selecting a new host for semiologic.com (dedicated server).

If there is one you’d warmly recommend, please share your wealth of knowledge and drop a line in the comments.

Comments on What host would you recommend?

  1. Hi Denis,

    I’m happily using site5.com for my hosting. Lots of features with very reasonable prices. The new multi-site express is quite a value. Support is great and there’s a very active users’ forum.

    I just switched to the semiologic theme on one of the sites I host at site5. I have a bit more customization to do. Feel free to check it out: blenderking.com

    By the way, I love the sidebar plug-in you created (amongst the others). Is there an easy way to hack it to allow multiple sidebars?



  2. I just switched off PHPWebHosting.com after five years, so would not recommend them any more, to TextDrive. Had some startup issues but one really nice aspect of this service is a very active user community (that is, a bunch of very active forums) and they give back to the community by sharing a portion of revenue with several open source project. For example, WordPress (.org and .com) LightPress, and RubyOnRails.com are hosted with them.

  3. I have tried DreamHost, BlueHost, and Site5, but I have eventually settled in with A Small Orange. ASO is comfortable, reliable, affordable, and they have yet to disappoint me by never enacting promised features that I payed for when signing up. They never over-load their servers, and server loads rarely go over 2 units on their Dual Xeon servers (which are listed as “4 CPUs” in cPanel because of their hyper-threading technology). ASO also promises 99.5% uptime, and they have yet to break that promise, unlike the other three hosting providers that I had previously mentioned.

    I’m not here to “bash” any hosting providers, so if like to hear about why I chose to leave DreamHost, BlueHost, and Site5, please email me.

  4. I’ve used eapps with success – both as a dedicated and a virtual server customer. prices are good – support is responsive (and accessible via phone!) and they are at a nice facility.

    any other questions – feel free to ask.

  5. I have a dedicated server with LiquidWeb.com and they rock! They come highly recommended — and hence why I chose them — and there support is unmatched.

    I’m onto my second dedicated server with them. I don’t have a bad comment to say about them. If you DO go with LiquidWeb.com, FIRST head over to…


    … and get a “Double The RAM” coupon in the “Dedicated and Colo Hosting Offers” section ;-)

    Take care,