Semiologic theme and CMS, v.3.0 beta

In software — Wew, what a rewrite. :)

The latest version of the Semiologic theme and CMS features the easiest to use nav menu editor I know of, and this alone makes it worth upgrading.

The Semiologic Pro package should feature a v.3 beta by the end of the week.

In addition the usual file uploads, upgrading from version 2.5 or later involves a two step procedure:

If you don’t like the default navigation menu items (which are the ones used on this site), you’ll want to browse your options and pay a visit to the navigation menu editor:

The second is only relevant if you happen to be using a localized theme. You’ll want to visit the caption editor:

If you have customized your theme, no worries. There now is a means to customize the theme without risking to loose your changes when you upgrade: Put all your customizations into a custom.css file, drop it into your theme directory, and voila.