Leaflet testers

Notice — I’ve been working on Leaflet in the past couple of weeks. Quite extensively too: My not having a stable office is not the only reason there has been a slowdown in the rate of updates and upgrades on semiologic.com.

Anyway, Leaflet is not your average blogging tool. Nor is it your average CMS. It is a framework that was designed and written ground up with business requirements in mind. This means that there is room for ready integration with third party tools, components and — most importantly for businesses — applications.

Of interest to bloggers is Leaflet’s first customer, which will be using it to power a fully managed photo blogging application. The latter is nearing commercial launch and I am looking for a select few proactive early adopters.

More information will be sent to the leaflet testers list. You can subscribe now by emailing:

Update: no longer serviced.