Semiologic theme and CMS, v.2.6

In resources — The Semiologic theme and CMS is now v.2.6.


  • No longer relies on register globals being turned on
  • The code has been cleaned up in places, so it should be a little easier to customize
  • A 3-column theme is now officially part of the package

The update is a simple upload for 2.5.x users.

Comments on Semiologic theme and CMS, v.2.6

  1. I would like to use the semiologic theme to build a website that requires a CMS.

    There is just one problem: this site has to be multilingual, that is that there should areas in dutch, english and french.

    Is this possible with the semiologic theme (I was thinking of creating categories for the three languages)?

  2. Denis-

    FYI. All of the sudden, after running Semiologic for 3 months without problems, I’ve started having a problem with the Smart Link Plug-in. After posting last night, I found that only the header was showing up on my index page…yet when I linked directly to a post, the entire page appeared as normal (with sidebar, etc).

    The problem even occurred when switching to the Wordpress Classic theme, except that the header and the latest post would show (still no sidebar info). After deactivating the Smart Link Plug-in, both the Classic and the Semiologic theme worked normally.

    I may not be the only one with this problem according to this post on the Wordpress Support Forums:
    Recent Posts Not Showing up on Front/Home Page

    Just thoughts I’d let you know.

  3. A slight update in case this helps with trouble-shooting or providing advice…it seems the problem even extended to my RSS feed, which has not been restored after deactivating the plug-in. My Comments RSS feed continued to work just fine.

    Besides this slight hiccup, I’ve been extremely pleased with Semiologic (particularly the new 3-column theme), so thanks!

  4. @Johan – I’d recommend that you use separate installs for each language, if only because you do not necessarily want the same content in each language.

    That said, try the basic bilingual plugin, which is preintegrated. It allows you to create short excepts in different languages.

    @Bryan – I replied in the forum thread.