Yahoo!’s audio search

ThoughtYahoo! debuts audio search. Yawn, boring news.

And irrelevant service, in a way. I mean, sure, if you need to find Britney Spears’ Toxic song in the disc store, the best way to do so is to enter Britney Spears Toxic in the search box. But in this case, you don’t really need the search engine because you already know what you’re looking for.

What I would want to see as a consumer is something like: I sing or hum the music in the micro — because I don’t know the title, and possibly not even the author — and the engine returns the top 10 most relevant matches. Now that would be search. Contact me if you are interested in starting this with me.

Comments on Yahoo!’s audio search

  1. Philips allready created a technique for search like that. They are in the progress of filling the database with songs. Only problem at the moment is the cost of the license. However, if I recall correctly there allready is a telephone service with that technique. This way you can take your mobile phone, enter their number and put the phone aqainst the speakers. A few seconds later you receive an SMS with the song title and performing artist.

    Humming works too.

  2. Hi.
    I saw some years ago on Discovery Channel they were doing research into that at MIT, and they had it actually working on a controlled environment at their campus.
    Off-topic: some of your Wordpress plugins rock!