Mesoconcepts or Mesoconcept?

Question — It’s for an IT consulting company. I’ve registed both as domain names, but I can’t make up my mind: Which, of the plural and the singular, sounds the most natural?

Comments on Mesoconcepts or Mesoconcept?

  1. Need to see in in the contect of the tld.
    Until then the singular works better off the tongue.
    It is also more assertive – if a bit monolithic.

    In terms of meaning I prefer the plural but the business identity design may nicely take a handball (an Australianism) from the singular version and run with it… explaining that the central “concept” is actually concepts.

    Thankyou for semiologic!

  2. I like the endlessness of the plural. It sounds like you have more options and have more things going on. It sounds like you have a choice. If your client was named “the Mesoconcept”, then I would say the singular sounds better. My $.02!