3-column skin for the Semiologic CMS

Request — The Semiologic theme and CMS 2.5.2 is due this week, and should feature two skins in no less than five languages (English, Spanish, German, French and Italian).

Antonella‘s skin is wonderful. And I would never dare call myself a web designer. A part time coder at best.

That to say: I think the package could use two or three more skins, so I’d like to invite Semiologic CMS users who happen to want to share their customized skin to send them to me by email. In particular, I am getting recurring demand for a 3-column theme.

Comments on 3-column skin for the Semiologic CMS

  1. Denis…and all the people here…please I would like your opinion on this:


    I have just basic knowledge about css. But I want to contribute.

    This is a mixture of “Sem” , “Antonella´s theme”, “thenoodleincident.com 3 column css”, and “Hipocratico”

    Be gentle…it´s my first time

  2. Denis: I´m using Firefox. The dev site looks good. I don´t know if this template may be seen in IE as good as in Firefox. I had problems with 3-column templates with IE before.