Semiologic theme and CMS, v.2.5

In resources — The Semiologic theme and CMS v.2.5 is now available for download.

From the change log:

  • Clean up version, before going xml
  • One-click install
  • Spanish localization by El Hipocratico
  • Strawberry Cream skin by Antonella Pavese
  • Tweaked the data that will get displayed via the print link plugin
  • Optimized the header and footer nav queries
  • Optimized the interaction with the sidebar tile plugin
  • Optimized sem_theme_init() — it now runs after all wp caching occurs

There are also a few plugin updates:

  • Markdown fix (obsolete) is no longer required if you are using Markdown 1.0.1b
  • Search reloaded now searches in excerpts and will no longer crash while indexing tons of posts
  • Sidebar tile (obsolete) got optimized — upgrade if you are using my CMS package or smart link
  • Smart links got optimized — upgrade if you are using sidebar tile

Upgrading from 2.4 to 2.5 is as simple as simple can get: simply overwrite all files. If you’ve skipped a version, you’ll want to check:

  • Upgrade instructions to v.2.4, from v.2.3
  • Upgrade instructions to v.2.3

Comments on Semiologic theme and CMS, v.2.5

  1. Congrats for an excellent job Denis, again. I´m looking forward for the “Pro” version. I have a suggestion to make. Could it be fine if you implement a “Strut your Sem” section. With this, all the “Sem Users”, could look how versatile this theme is. Also a wiki could be useful. Just my 2 cents. Have a nice day…greetings from Mexico.

  2. Yikes! I just notice that I forgot to change the credits line in the Strawberry Cheese theme. Those of you who are using it are invited to upload the package again, so that the credits line points to where credits are due.

  3. Awesome! I just successfully upgraded to 2.5 without really knowing what I was doing. I love the Search Reloaded plugin! What a beautiful piece of work. Thanks again for all the hard work!

  4. Denis,

    This theme is wonderful. I wonder if it would be possible to include other services in the subscribe me plugin like Rojo, Pluck and Feedster.


  5. @Mario: I’ll be making a v.2 some day that with an admin screen to let you choose which ones you want. In the meanwhile, simply edit the sem-subcribe-me.php file. You’ll find it very easy to customize.

  6. Hi Denis

    I while back in one of your comments you suggested creating a cache directory, under wp-content If I recall correctly. Somewhere on either an upgrade of WP or semiologic it appears that the cache mechanism has been broken. Have you come across this ?

    Thanks Kevin (and P.S. please please please do keep up the fantastic work).

  7. I love this theme/cms combo!! And Im waiting for some of the plugins ex.

    -Ads Plugin
    -Survey Plugin
    -Testimonial Plugin

    Also can I suggest a Plugin? Like

    -Database Manager

    Most 3rd party plugins gets some error when integrated with the theme/cms combo

  8. A very nice theme.

    In the sidebar, under “Syndicate” I see:

    “This plugin requires php’s built-in XSLT parser. Contact your host about the problem, or download and manually install the obsolete plugin.

    This plugin requires php’s built-in XSLT parser. Contact your host about the problem, or download and manually install the obsolete plugin.”

    Can I ignore this?

  9. More likely, you should follow the instructions and follow either of the two links. Or disable the recent posts, comments or updates plugin.

    I think I found a work around for php5 plaforms, so I suggest you check back later today and try downloading the newer versions of the tiles.

  10. Nico, the Gravatar plugin will require you to edit the PHP file that contains the comment display.

    It appears that the Semilogic CMS has a quirk … When a page is created outside the blog directory that includes wp-blog-header.php, all of the extra links come up with the sem_header_nav() function. Does that make sense? Is this a bug, and is there a way to avoid it?

  11. @Nico: Yup; as with many other popular plugins, just download the gravatar plugin and activate it — the theme comes built in with the necessary modifications.

    @Dan: It makes perfect sense, because wp-blog-header will complete the initialization procedure.

  12. Only if you want users to be able to subscribe for a gravatar on your site. I didn’t put that call in. The call that would normally go in your comments.php file is there already.

  13. Hi,

    I’m considering installing either WordPress or Expression Engine to make a bilingual blog (English French) and came across your Semiologic theme and CMS v.2.5 which looks very useful.

    * Do you have a 3-column templates in the files provided?
    * Is it compatible with the French language Files?

    You have a French sounding name. Have you ever considered/looked into bilingual blogs? Don’t want to mix the languages on the same page.

    Could I run two blogs (one in French on in English) from the same admin (with content placed in 2 different subfolders)? Is it the right way to organize files for a bilingual WordPress blog.

    Did some research, looks like Morganically is somewhat in standby right now and the solution for the time being would come from Polyglot but being a newbie in php and wordpress, doubt I’ll make head or tail of it.

    For the time being, would just like to know if it would work with Semiologic theme and if you ever considered implementing it (or providing instructions to implement it) in Semiologic theme.

    Thanks for your attention

  14. @MJ: Translating the theme in French is fairly straightforward (a few minutes). And, er, yes, I happen to be French, so I might actually do this myself sooner or later. :)

    I recall a few users made 3-column themes, but none went as far as sending me their’s. Feel free to send yours if you make one.

    The two plugins you mention were bulky and buggy last time I checked. And if I may, having the same blog in two languages is like the most ackward idea. Your only reasonable approach in the long run is to create two completely separate blogs that link to each other, because you’ll quickly get tired of translating every post. As for WordPress MultiUser, it will introduce more problems than it will solve.

    That said, the theme comes with the basic bilingual plugin as a one-click install. You can see it work on

  15. Thanks Denis for your answer.

    Not that fond of basic bilingual plugin ‘cos I think having 2 languages in the same post is more distracting than useful.

    Much prefer the way that, for example, Sylvain opted for in his blog using Polyglot in 3 languages, Japanese included.

    Don’t intend to translate every post either. The more general ones will be in English. The more technical in French when there’s not much material available in this language.
    But pages (not posts) will all be translated.

    Keep your advice in mind tho’ I don’t relish the idea of having 2 installations to maintain and 2 admins to use… And a website I had intended to convert later on has 3 languages…

  16. Getting back to the 3-col issue, noticed there are quite a few standard WP 3-col templates available.

    * How extensive are the modifications needed for them to comply with your theme and CMS 2.5 release?
    * What kind of skills are required to make the adaptations? php or just CSS?
    * Are there any guidelines?
    * How do you think one should proceed to get the job done?

    By the way, it would be no problem for me to do the translation of your language file (like Hipocratico did into Spanish) into French. It’m my mother tongue. Just email me the file that needs to be translated.

  17. I have had a couple of people ask me how to make a 3 column version of Semiologic Theme and CMS, to which my answer is “I don’t know.” But, be it said that there are people out there interested.

    Also, someone using the theme e-mailed me asking me how to change the colors, fonts, and basic style sheet stuff. Even though I don’t know much about style sheets, I figured out how to edit those particular items that most people feel are important. I have decided to try and help the person who is asking. I figured that as long as I am doing that, I will write a very brief and to the point tutorial on changing site elements. I will let you know when it is finished.

  18. I posted an announcement for the 3-column theme.

    Regarding your tutorial, there are some good css resources in the wordpress codex. I’ll be setting up a wiki sooner or later, per el hipocratico’s suggestion. In the meanwhile, a link to the tutorial will definitely be in order.

  19. I´m using the 3 column on a new website called: “Diabesidad” (diabetes + obesity). This is a great effort for the people I work with (nutriologist, physicians, diabetes educators), and Sem 3 col has been a nice theme to work with. I want you to visit every now and then, promise to write something in english too. The url:

    And if you like what I did you can have the CSS. And caption.php too.

    I´m planning to have communication with my pacients via newsletters in the future. We have no decided in invest in your PRO package at this time, but we will look forward to it.

    Thanks Denis for sharing you knowledge.

    I´ll keep in touch.

  20. Hi,

    I am using the semiologic but I do not find the commments.php file. I am looking for it because I am trying to set up my gravatar. What is the file that I have to use to install the code for the gravatar?

    I would appreciate very much your response.

  21. Denis,

    I subscribed to and my gravatar is working OK with other themes. But it is not working in my semiologic theme. ¿Any additional step that I can take in order to show the gavatars?

  22. hi,
    i’m using semiologic cms for my multi user site and i want to be able to have the author of the post written beside the “posted ….” .
    with my knowledge of php, i have no chances whatsoever other than you telling me how to do it.


  23. It’s a little complicated. You’ll want to edit the sem-theme.php plugin file and add the correct call in there in display_post(). I recommend you check around in a few weeks for a version update, because I’ve still hesitating between two directions with respect to the theme’s future.

    On the one side, I am tempted to go with XML, for the flexibility it introduces. However, my recent plugins made if fairly obvious that not all users have a web account where they can freely parse XML. My other option is to revert back to the mainstream WordPress templating system. Depending on which I choose, your modification will not necessarily survive a change in version.

  24. thanks,
    i already messed up with the sem-theme.php file with no luck.
    i was hoping that you could show me the way how i can add the call to the code. while waiting for your update, i’ll try to find somedy who understands php.

    thanks again.

  25. In my “unexperienced” point of view. Denis I can see that SEMIOLOGIC, is intend to be used by bussiness people mostly. However, this can be use by non-profit blogs, or personal blogs like mine. With Antonella´s theme we found how flexible can this CMS can be.
    But with personal blogs, many people like to use plugins, as many as they can manage… then Semiologic can be a challenge. And there are many newbies like me that can find this theme, only to be used by professionals.
    You have made life easy for us already, but reverting back to the mainstream WordPress templating system, could the open door for newbies, and people who would like to use non-profit blogs.
    Sorry for my bad english…;)

  26. Agreed. I’ve been thinking along the same lines in the past couple of weeks, in fact. Case settled, I suppose. v. 2.6 (possibly 3.0) will revert the CMS back to the WordPress templating system as much as it can. Stay tuned.

  27. I had a plugin called Shortstat installed in my wordpress installation that caused my RSS feed to go bonkers. I didn’t even know my RSS feed wasn’t working until a friend told me it wouldn’t validate. Check to see if you have any plugins that might be having some unseen effect on your feed.

  28. RE: “All Comments” button.

    Does anyone else have problems with the “All Comments” button? Once I have more than 5 comments on a post, only the latest 5 show. When I press “All Comments”, the page reloads, but nothing changes and I am left with only the latest 5 comments.