Search reloaded, v.0.1

In resources — Search reloaded is a bid to significantly improve the default WordPress search engine.

The current relevance criteria is simplistic to say the least, but still more relevant that a date. Moreover, the search reloaded plugin searches in pages in addition to posts, and ignores html tags.

Comments on Search reloaded, v.0.1

  1. Interesting. Creating a separate table for content with tags stripped. I like that solution.

    By the way, looks like the search results on your site are formatted by Markdown a second time. Search for the term “Markdown” and look at the second result.

  2. I am using the Search Reloaded Plugin, but have noticed that when I search for a word — if it is located in the title of the post, then only it will be found. If the word is not in the title, there will be return of nothing.

    Why is that and how can that be fixed?

    This is to be noted that there was no search.php in my theme, hence I had to create one. The only thing that its calling in that pho is sem_search_results from the Search Reloaded Plugin.

    Any suggestions on how to make the search better so that it will check through the post, not just the title?


  3. I just uploaded your new version of this plugin v0.3, but I am still having the same problem as before. It only searches for the word if its in the title of the post.

    If I search “password”, only the posts that have “password” in the title, will come back as results, instead of all of the posts and pages that contain that word.

    Is there a way to fix that?


  4. nope, just regular published posts. any posts (expect protected ones), but i just don’t want it to search titles, i want it to look at the words within the post as well.

    Like the current WP search, it searches the words too. If there is any post that has the word “password” it will find it. I was hoping that your plugin would do that, does it not do that?