Semiologic theme and CMS, v.2.3

In resources — The Semiologic theme and CMS is now v.2.3.

Changes include:

  • Print link
  • CSS tweaks
  • Plugin updates
  • New 3rd party plugin integration:
    • Blogtimes, with and without icons
    • Touched
    • Live Comment Preview
    • Custom Query String
    • Countdown
    • Gravatar
  • The resulting new captions

Note that the plugins are now all dispatched in various folders. Thus, you’ll likely want to delete stray files before upgrading.

Update — How to upgrade from a past version of the theme:

Case 1: You did little or no customization:

  • Upload the contents of the zip’s themes/ folder into your wp-content/themes/ folder
  • Temporarily disable all of the plugins that I’m distributing and delete all said plugin files (the files begin with sem-) to avoid name conflicts
  • Upload the contents of the zip’s plugins/ folder into your wp-content/plugins/ folder and reactivate plugins as relevant

Case 2: You customized the captions and the nav menus:

  • Update your sem-theme-config.php to reflect the new one and put it into the wp-content/plugins/sem-theme/ folder.

Case 3: You customized the sidebar:

  • Update your sidebar.php file to reflect the new one and put it into the wp-content/themes/semiologic/ folder.

Case 4: You customized the skin:

  • Ignore the new CSS files

Case 5: You customized something else:

  • Then you know what you’re doing

Comments on Semiologic theme and CMS, v.2.3

  1. Hi, Denis, thanks for this great theme.

    I wonder if you could tell me how to upgrade an earlier version of Semiologic Theme, without losing customization changes.

    2) Is the “notify me of followups” a plugin or part of the theme? And the “subscribe without comment” option?

    Rodrigo Melo – Brazil