Firefox: Poor usability and poor security

Fragged — You probably are aware of the potential zero-day exploit in Firefox issued the other day. Here’s potential for disaster.

Aware that updates were released today, I spent the entire day clicking every now and then on the little icon to the top right corner which notifies you that updates are available and should be downloaded. So I went, and clicked Install. And there it went, all day long… No download. Server must be overloaded, I thought.

But no. I eventually went on the site and manually downloaded the upgrade. I bumped into the real issue while trying to manually upgrade my extensions: As invited by the Firefox team, I had disabled the ‘allow web sites to install software’ option.

Consider the patented inanity: Firefox’ security features will prevent you to download and install critical security updates that you explicitly approve. This is not just a usability mistake. It is a design mistake and a security flaw.