Sidebar tile plugin for WordPress

In resources — The sidebar tile plugin (update: obsolete) for WordPress displays the contents of the page with a slug of ‘sidebar’ into your sidebar.

This plugin will be useful to any WordPress user who is willing to manage some customizable sidebar text (e.g. “about me”) from WordPress rather than from an HTML editor.

Comments on Sidebar tile plugin for WordPress

  1. I highly suggest that you provide a demo for your plugins (and every plugin writer should do this). No one wants to install something just to understand what it’s all about :)

  2. This plugin is great. One thing you should add to your installation is the ability to hide the Sidebar page if they are listing pages in thier sidebar. This can be done with the exclude funtion.

    For example, my sidebar pages ID was 38, so I added exclude=38 to the wp_list_pages template tag like below.

    `< ?php wp_list_pages('exclude=38&title_li='); ?>`