ZabaSearch: For a privacy-free world

Highlight — Up for a frightening query? ZabaSearch will let you know all your employer or banker knows about you.

Via Wired.

Comments on ZabaSearch: For a privacy-free world

  1. It is imperative that our data be removed from your zabasearch site. It is an invasion of privacy, and in this instance, could be a matter of safety,at the least!

  2. Héhé… I think you’re asking the wrong person. :)

    For starters, I’m in no way related to zabasearch. Then zabasearch is a search engine, they have no data of their own. And lastly the US has a long record at taking poor options regarding your privacy. Thus, I can only invite you to do one thing: Live in Europe. =P

  3. Zaba search is horrible! that is not right for someone to be able to pay $20.00 dollars for someones back ground check! And you wonder how people get kidnapped and develope stalker problems! You wonder how people get ahold of others life stories! Well with things like Zaba search, its really easy!

  4. seems to be an invasion of privacy. I know that these are public records and that ZabbaSearch is not to blame (businesses and government are to blame for leaking this data), but people do not know that if you even simply register to vote in USA, you name/address/telephone are made public information (muti billion dollar industry selling our private info) without you having to sign a consent form or without asking permission! I think all Americans should make a class action law suit against this type of crime which businesses and gov’t are doing!