Opera’s CEO’s million download swim

Provocative (updated) — This somewhat cynical joke used to be one of my

– Daddy… Is America still far away?

– Shut up and swim!

I caught myself wondering how cold the Atlantic Ocean was around Norway after bumping into this CNET News story:

The chief executive officer of Opera Software has said he will swim from Norway to the United States if 1 million copies of the company’s latest browser are downloaded within four days.

A big splash arguably awaits Opera CEO’s Jon von Tetzchner if the word spreads throughout the blogosphere. Making statements such as this one is bait for viral marketing.

I’ll assume the code name for watching this meme is Opera Million Download Swim.

Update — The memes Opera Million Download Challenge, or simply Opera Million Download are also interesting to watch.

Update2 — Jon von Tetzchner is reportedly up for a swim.

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