Your front page: Static, opt-in, or opt-out?

In resources — My collection of CMS driven WordPress plugins is expanding yet again, with a few new additions that change the default behavior of WordPress’ front page:

  • The static front page plugin (obsolete) will let you pin a post to the front page
  • The opt-in front page plugin will let you add posts to your front page on an opt-in basis rather than remove them on an opt-out basis

Note that the opt-in front page plugin de-facto enables you to use WordPress as a multi-blog platform:

  • Set the default category’s slug to “blog”
  • Create one category per user, or topic, whatever (your “blogs”)
  • At your option, use the front page to opt-in all posts from all blogs, or as a separate blog with the more important stuff only

Comments on Your front page: Static, opt-in, or opt-out?

  1. There is a similar plug-in that is included on the Pages documentation page in the WordPress Codex.

    It takes a different approach, you have to edit it and give it the ID of the page you want to make the Home page, but that potentially has other uses, too.

  2. It’s quite different, actually.

    Ryan’s plugin changes the WordPress params. From there, your front page answers to `is_page()` rather than `is_home()`, and uses page.php rather than `home.php`.

    My plugin changes the WordPress query. From there, your front page answers to `is_home()` and uses `home.php`.

  3. I’ve uploaded a 1.1 version.

    – The plugin now checks if the ‘blog’ cat exists and fallbacks to normal blog mode if it doesn’t
    – I’ve reengineered the code a little bit to make it play even better with static front off a Semiologic theme based web site

  4. Hey Denis!

    I followed the instructions (what a novel concept!) and read the comments for further ideas (another cool concept!).

    I want the comment form to magically appear on the ‘home’ page. I made a template from the page.php, named it home.php, and altho the comments_template() is there in the template, it doesn’t show on the page. It does for all the other pages (I just checked) but not for the home.


  5. This comes from WordPress itself? `comments_template()` doesn’t display comments on the front page in any event. I’m sure there’s a hack somewhere on scriptygoddess, as I remember she’s got a script to display comments from anywhere via a javascript.