Recent plugins for WordPress

In resources — WordPress users can now enjoy not configuring the way their recent posts, recent updates and recent comments plugins behave: These plugins will now decide which is the best number of posts to display for them.

Update: These plugins have been replaced by the Fuzzy Widgets plugin.

Comments on Recent plugins for WordPress

  1. Great plugin! I’ve installed it on my site, and it looks great. One problem, mainly due to my complete incompetence with php, I guess. I would like to get rid of the black dot preceding “recent comments” but have no idea where in the code it is represented. Could you help me? Thanks, and thanks again for this awesome plugin.

  2. Hi Denis,

    Beta-2 works fantastically. Thanks for making my life just that little bit easier with this intelligent plugin ;)

    To anyone else reading my post I truely recommend this great plugin. Well documented, easy to use and updated regularly


  3. Sorry, it screwed up your display. But this is a real problem at occurs on purpose by people or just because someone has pasted in a long URL. Can’t you have your plugin check for something like ths (after x number of chars, insert space, or similar?)?

  4. Your assumptions that inserting a space after x chars can solve this is is not a valid. All characters of all fonts are not of equal length, and the solution you suggest would not be very useful when a user overrides your font face and font size.

    Also note that the issue is equally valid for post contents, comment contents, preformatted code snippets, and so on. It comes from the crappy way mainstream browsers render HTML. Not from the plugin.

    That said, I was fully aware from the problem already. I thank you so much for wrecking the display of _my_ site instead of testing what happens on _your_ site.

    _Edited_ — Feature added.

  5. It does. WordPress allows you to do this by default. The reading options in your admin control panel let you define what appears on your front page by page or by post.

    There might be room for a plugin though, to achieve a behavior like my fuzzy recent plugins, _e.g._ 2 weeks, but 5 posts at least.

  6. @MaxPower: it’s planed. the next version should include a category argument to do this, and will automatically restrict to the ‘blog’ category when the opt-in front page plugin is enabled.

  7. Good work as always!

    Can’t wait into you have the categories function in place.

    Then perhaps you can call it multiple times on the same page/sidebar and break down the popular categories of your site into recent postings for summary purposes

  8. This plugins does not generate valid XHTML,
    nor do the others.

    You most common mistake is to forget the < li> tag before < h2>Title< /h2>
    and the < /li> tag after the plugin’s output.

    Anyway, I fixed it and these are GREAT plugins!!