WordPress recent plugin collection

In resources — My collection of WordPress plugins is expanding with a few ‘recent…’ plugins:

  • Recent comments displays the latest comments on a WordPress blog, grouped by post
  • Recent posts and Recent news display the latest from your ‘blog’ and ‘news’ categories
  • Recent updates displays a list of recently updated pages on your WordPress blog

I’ve several other plugins in the pipe:

  • Smart Links, which I am currently beta testing on this web site, and which I think is set to create a huge increase in usability and maintainability for WordPress blogs
  • Fancy Excerpt is a fancy excerpt generator for WordPress blogs, that I think is set to enjoy a huge success
  • Markdown fix, will hopefully solve any Markdown-related bugs that will remain once I’m done with the two previous


  • The recent plugins are obsolete, and have been replaced by the Fuzzy Widgets plugin
  • Markdown Fix has been dropped.

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