Tags and folksonomies turning categories into chaos

Highlight — eWeek mentions how tags are turning web chaos into categories. Or rather, how tags and folksonomies are turning categories into utter chaos.


One of the most popular tags created on the bookmarking service is “to_read,” a tag attached to links of pages users want to remember to read.

“There is a behavior around tags that has nothing to do with categorization,” Joshua Schachter [creator of del.icio.us] said.


A user who travels to Tokyo might tag all photos from the trip as “Tokyo,” including those taken inside a hotel room, Stewart Butterfield [creator of Ludicorp] said. But other users might expect to see only photos of the Tokyo cityscape, and not a hotel’s interior, when viewing photos tagged as Tokyo.

Tags and folksonomies are just an over-hyped collective delusion. Just like the semantic web.