The convergence of Science and Religion

CommentaryCharles Townes, who once shared a noble prize for inventing the laser, won the Templeton Prize, which is awarded annually for progress or research in spiritual matters, for his 1966 seminal article, “The Convergence of Science and Religion.”

My — very personal — opinion on the topic is that Science and Religion are ultimately asking irrelevant questions.

The interesting question, to artificial intelligence at least, is not: “How do I explain what I am observing?” Rather, it is: “How do I explain the way I am thinking what I am observing?”

If this makes no sense to you, you should be aware that notions such as time, space, culture and individual personality are all cognitive constructs.

Thus, the key interest to science should not be questions such as: “What is an animal?” But rather: “How is it that we can spontaneously conclude that this is an animal despite nothing tells us we perceive it the same way?”

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