RipGuard will not stop rippers

Commentary — The specialized press is announcing RipGuard will stop copyright infringements. Yet, even if you protect the stream end-to-end, you’ll need to render it at a time or another. And at that very moment, no amount of protection will save the stream from being copied.

Comments on RipGuard will not stop rippers

  1. Yep. Ripguard will be circumvented. It also says that it blocks 97% of riping programs. I’ll state the obvious and say that through that little thing called the internet, word will spread about which programs still work, and that 3% of the market that still works, will quickly become 100%.

    And remember, for every egghead that’s sitting there working for Macrovision, there is 1000 guys out there with just as much skill and intellegence trying to crack the encryption.

  2. It seems to me they are violating our right to make backups.. cd’s/dvd’s are easily screwed up by scratches, and therefor you need to make a backup and use it and put up the originals.. seems to me by preventing you from doing this,they are violating our rights…

    and another thing, This Ripguard by the way they was describing it on another forum, may load malware on your pc in order for it to work..