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Related Tags

The related tags plugin for WordPress leverages the extract terms plugin to display a links to related technorati tags on your site.

Default Usage

This plugin requires the following cache folder to be writable by your server (chmod 777):


To use it, place the following template tag into your loop:

<?php the_terms2tags(); ?>

For instance:

<p>Related Tags: <?php the_terms2tags(); ?></p>

Frequently Asked Questions

It doesn't seem to work

Either your cache folder is not writable by the server, or your server's IP is beating its 5,000 calls per 24h limit to Yahoo's web services.


The Semiologic community forum is the best place to mention your issue.

Please note, before posting, that while a few community members and myself do our best to leave no support-related question unanswered, I am for hire as a rule of thumb.

Update Notifications

Subscribing to the Semiologic blog or to the Semiologic newsletter is the best way to receive update notifications.

Sign up to receive an occasional newsletter with insider tips, and irresistable offers.

Manual Installation

This software is bundled with the extract terms plugin.

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