In Software you will find the specific details of individual plugins/widgets for the Wordpress theme and how to use them.

The main Semiologic package and Themes you will find in the Members area.


On occasion several plugins may need to be used together, some other circumstance may be required for a plugin to function correctly or a concept may need to be more fully explained. In this case you may find a more general discussion in the Resources area.

There may well be some duplication and overlap between the two areas (as, indeed, you will find this explanation in both).

The Ad Manager plugin for WordPress allows you to manage advertisement space on your site. (Premium)

The Admin Menu plugin for WordPress makes key areas of the admin menu available from your site's front end when you're logged in.

The Article Uploader plugin for WordPress lets you upload your post and page content as files, and disable WordPress' text formatting features for individual entries. (Premium)

The Author Image plugin for WordPress adds widgets that let you easily add author images on your site.

The Auto Thickbox plugin for WordPress automatically enables thickbox on thumbnail images (i.e. opens the images in a fancy pop-up).

The Autolink URI plugin for WordPress automatically converts urls to hyperlinked urls.

The Autotag plugin for WordPress leverages Yahoo's web services to automatically assign tags to your posts and pages. (Premium)

The Bookmark Me plugin for WordPress lets you display subscribe links to social bookmarking sites such as Digg and

The Contact Form plugin for WordPress lets you easily insert a contact form on your site. (Premium)

The Dealdotcom plugin for WordPress creates widgets that let you display Dealdotcom's deal of the day on your site.

The Do Follow plugin removes the nofollow attribute that WordPress adds in comments.

The External Links plugin for WordPress automatically marks outgoing links as such.

The Fancy Excerpt plugin for WordPress is a sentence-aware excerpt generator.

The Feed Widgets plugin for WordPress lets you insert any widget into your RSS feed. (Premium)

The Frame Buster plugin for WordPress will thwarts attempts to serve your web site from within a frame.

The Fuzzy Widgets plugin for WordPress lets you generate a fuzzy number of recent posts, pages, links, and comments. (Premium)

The Google Analytics plugin for WordPress lets you add Google Analytics support to your site. (Premium)

The HitsLink plugin for WordPress adds HitsLink support to your site.

The inline widgets plugin for WordPress lets you embed any widget into the content of a post or page. (Premium)

The Mediacaster plugin for WordPress lets you manage a variety of podcast formats, including audio files, flash videos and iPod videos, as well as file downloads and YouTube videos. (Premium)

The Nav Menus plugin for WordPress creates configurable navigation widgets that behave similarly to Silo Pages widgets. (Premium)

The Newsletter Manager plugin for WordPress lets you easily integrate third party newsletter managers such as aweber, getresponse, or 1shoppingcart. (Premium)

The Opt-In Front Page plugin for WordPress lets you select posts that show on your front page, allowing you to set up additional "Asides" feeds as you see fit.

The Random Widgets plugin for WordPress lets you display a random number of posts, pages and links. (Premium)

The Redirect Manager plugin for Wordpress enables easy redirect of obsolete posts and pages as well as cloaking of affiliate links. (Premium)

The Related Widgets plugin for WordPress builds on your tags to generate a list of related posts or pages. (Premium)

The Script Manager plugin for WordPress lets you easily insert scripts, as well as meta tags and arbitrary html, in the header and footer of your site. (Premium)

The Search Reloaded plugin for WordPress leverages MySQL's full text indexing features to improve the WordPress' built-in search feature. (Premium)

The Semiologic Affiliate plugin for WordPress lets you automatically add your affiliate ID to links to and

The Semiologic Cache plugin for WordPress greatly increases the front-end performance of your site. A necessity when your site gets featured on traffic-heavy sites such as Reddit or Digg. (Premium)

The Semiologic Cloner plugin for WordPress lets you clone a WordPress or Semiologic Pro site's preferences. (Premium)

The Semiologic Fixes plugin for WordPress includes a variety of teaks and fixes for WordPress and third party plugins. (Premium)

The Semiologic SEO plugin for WordPress comprises various search engine optimizations for use with WordPress themes. (Premium)

The latest Semiologic theme being developed to accompany Semiologic Pro 6.0 and later versions. With greater page layout flexibility, double width sidebar as well as two sidebars, additional header and footer text widgets.

The Silo Widgets plugin for WordPress creates widgets to assist you in creating silo structured web sites. (Premium)

The Smart Links plugin for WordPress lets you (pre-)enter links like [text->link], where link can be a keyword or a key phrase. When no relevant link is found, the text appears without a link. (Premium)

The Subscribe Me plugin for WordPress lets you display RSS subscription buttons to services such as Google Reader.

The Unfancy Quote plugin for WordPress disables WordPress' curly quotes feature, which is at times buggy and which invariably breaks code snippets.

The Uploads Folder plugin for WordPress changes your uploads folders to something more natural, based on the post's date rather than the current date, or the static page's position in the hierarchy.

The Version Checker plugin for WordPress adds version checking for plugins that are not stored in the official WordPress repository. (Premium)

The Widget Contexts plugin for WordPress lets you control when WordPress widgets display on your site. (Premium)

The XML Sitemaps plugin for WordPress automatically generates XML Sitemap files for your site and notifies search engines when they're updated.