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Terms2tags plugin for WordPress

The terms2tags plugin for WordPress turns your post's Yahoo! terms into technorati tags, for use to find related posts off your web site.


This software requires WordPress v.1.5 or later and the extract terms plugin (included in the zip).

Upload the zipped file into your plugins folder, and activate the plugin from your admin panel.

Do not forget to install the extract terms plugin properly.

Default usage

Activate and add the following where you want to display the loop's ongoing post's terms as technorati tags:

<?php the_terms2tags(); ?>


As a rule, I am for hire and you are on your own.

Email sales @ if you are interested in paid support.

The WordPress forums if you are not.


  1. DO NOT USE THIS PLUGIN FOR COMMERCIAL PURPOSES or otherwise breach Yahoo!'s terms of use
  2. Note that your server's IP is eligible to 5,000 calls per 24h


This software is copyright Mesoconcepts Ltd, and is distributed under the terms of the Mesoconcepts license. In a nutshell, you may freely use it for any purpose, but may not redistribute it without written permission.

» Download the terms2tags plugin, v.2.0

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