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Posted Jul 21st, 2005 • Updated Aug 13th, 2005

Get more WordPress value with the Semiologic CMS Pro package.

The terms2post plugin is a next generation 'related posts' plugin for WordPress that leverages the extract terms and the search reloaded plugins to fully automate post to post linking on your site.


This software requires WordPress v.1.5 or later, the extract terms plugin (included in the zip) and the search reloaded plugin.

1-click install — Not available.

Manual install — Upload the zipped file into your plugins folder, and activate the plugin from your admin panel.

Do not forget to install the extract terms plugin properly.


Activate and add the following where you want to display the loop's ongoing post's terms as related posts on your web site:

<h2>Related posts</h2>
  <?php sem_terms2posts(); ?>

Alternatively, you can display an arbitrary post's related posts by passing a post as argument:

<h2>Related posts</h2>
  <?php sem_terms2posts( $arbitrary_post ); ?>

Frequently asked questions


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Email denis "@" semiologic.com if you are interested in paid support.

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Terms of use

Except where otherwise noted, this software is:

  • Copyright Denis de Bernardy
  • Licensed under of the CC/GNU GPL
  • Provided as is, with NO WARRANTY whatsoever

In a nutshell, the GPL means that:

  • You may freely use the works for any purpose, including commercial ones
  • You may freely make derivative works provided that you leave the proper attribution and copyright notices
  • You may freely distribute the works and derivative works provided that you make the source code readily available under the same terms


  1. DO NOT USE THIS PLUGIN FOR COMMERCIAL PURPOSES or otherwise breach Yahoo!'s terms of use
  2. Note that your server's IP is eligible to 5,000 calls per 24h


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» Download the terms2posts plugin, v.1.6


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