Semiologic Pro Package for WordPress

Seeking a hassle-free web presence? The Semiologic Pro package is a proven solution for tech unsavvy business users who have no time to waste on programming tutorials. It was built ground up with search engine optimization and ease of use in mind.

Easy to use by design

The Semiologic Pro package puts the useful features at your finger tips. Forget all about searching for the right plugin and editing php files, and enjoy one click installs for the more commonly sought features.

The Semiologic Pro package bundles the Semiologic theme and CMS with an entire collection of one-click installable enhancements and components, including:

  • A wysiwyg editor and a flickr gallery template
  • Advanced admin tools, to assist you in your admin tasks
  • Advanced SEO features
  • Advanced comment form features, such as comment subscriptions
  • Comment spam fighting and blog caching tools
  • An ad space manager that lets you easily create and manage tens of different ad tiles on your site
  • Advanced stats tools via ready Google analytics integration

Search engine optimized by design

The Semiologic Pro package comes built-in with every SEO trick in the book. This comes as the result of years of experience in computational linguistics and in search engine optimization.

To assist you further in SEO, the Semiologic Pro package contains:

  • 3rd party WordPress enhancements that will satisfy the most tag and ping happy bloggers
  • Sanitizing tools to ensure no url with the same content on your site is indexed twice
  • An advanced archives template to ensure your site is properly crawled
  • A link directory template for your SEO link exchanges
  • The unique smart link plugin to assist you in post to post linking

In short, focus on content and inbound links, and enjoy natural traffic on all but the most competitive keywords.

A low cost solution

Don't get riddled by figures. Cheaper looking alternatives only look cheaper:

  • The typical web designer will charge you in the hundreds for a non-CMS driven web site
  • The typical CMS will cost you in the thousands because you'll have a coder customize it
  • The do-it-yourself approach is a hazardous waste of time — you will need to debug things

In the end, the Semiologic Pro package is the lower cost solution: No searching, no fiddling, and customizable in clicks.


Over a period of a few months we experimented with many of the WordPress themes, always avoiding downloading the Semiologic CMS theme — I think we were a little frightened by what seemed to be a complicated "CMS" part.

One night, I decided to give this Semiologic CMS theme a try. I was so excited at how easy it was to use and how perfect a match it was for our project that I worked on designing a skin for the site straight through.

Cary Scott, Publisher

After trying various themes, I've found the winner: Your Semiologic Theme and CMS. I appreciate the ease in adding your theme and one-click plugins to my WordPress blogs, and the plugin functionality that comes with your Pro version is second to none.

I know it sounds weird to some why it's necessary to pay for a theme (Pro version), as I thought the same way originally. But the amount of time and money I've saved — let alone the money I've earned from using your Pro version — far outweighs the time wastage scrounging the net for WP plugins that compares to what you've packaged.

Sherman Hu, Website and Blog Marketing Professional

Order today

You can buy your Semiologic Pro package for the bargain price of $295.

A single Pro package will let you install any number of web sites, making it an ideal tool to start an AdSense blog empire.

The package entitles you to:

  • The latest version of WordPress
  • 2 templates, each with 3 skins
  • A collection of one-click installable tiles and enhancements
  • Value-added services, including:
    • One installation upon request
    • Top notch support
    • Free updates for a year

Order now to take advantage of this unique value.

Custom designs by professional designers are also available. Email sales @ for details.

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