About Semiologic

What is a Semiologic?

Semiologic, or semiotics, is the philosophical theory of signs and symbols in communication, having three branches: Syntactics, semantics, and pragmatics.

Semiologic — but not semiotics — is also an obsolete medical term for symptomatics. As for the Barthesian concept of Semiologic, it is in many respects the “symptomatics” of linguistic signs.

This web site’s name, that said, originates in a contraction of semio (as in meaning) and logic (as in solutions), for meaningful solutions.

Mike Koepke


Mike has been a Semiologic customer since 2007 and eventually went to work part-time at Semiologic performing development and providing technical support.  Mike moved on to other opportunities but returned back to Semiologic in 2011 during Denis’ absence.   In 2013 Mike officially took full ownership of the Semiologic site and all it’s themes and plugins.    Mike is carrying on were Denis has left off and continues to advance the plugins and themes.




Founder Denis de Bernardy

Denis had a variety of jobs before starting this site in 2005. Namely network engineer, software developer, and business developer. And prior to that, he was also involved in research related to the making of and the adoption of beliefs — e.g. things related to marketing, management and behavior engineering.  This site eventually turned into a full time job that Denis focused on until mid-2011 when Denis took an extended leave of absence from the day-to-day operation.    In early 2013, Denis decided to permanently move on from Semiologic to pursue other interests full time.  Denis can still be found blogging over on mesoconcepts.com.