Original Semiologic Theme Updated!!

Many, many years Denis created the Original Semiologic theme (2005 to be exact).  It existed well before all the “premium” themes and theme shops and clubs.   It’s primary competitor was Chris Pearsons’ Thesis theme.   In 2009 the Semiologic theme was retired and a greatly improved and more full functional theme, Semiologic Reloaded was released.   In 2010 any maintenance on the original theme had ceased.   Until now…

Denis’ original theme was used by quite a few sites and some of these are still running outdated versions, which means they are running old versions of WordPress too.   At the request of a few people I’ve gone ahead and updated the theme to be compatible with WordPress 3.9 as well as back port some of the bug fixes that went into Semiologic Reloaded.  A few select enhancements were added too.  With that the Legacy Semiologic Theme version 6.1 has been released.

Version 6.1 Change Log:

  • Added post thumbnails support
  • Fix: Sidebar widget lists with long post/page titles don’t overflow widget boundaries
  • Roll in bug fixes from sem-reloaded theme
  • Added missing required WP css class rules
  • Use size_format in place of deprecated wp_convert_bytes_to_hr
  • Fixed incorrect url being generated for hierarchies with children of children in Pages, Nav-Menus and Silo widgets. url was being generated as parent/grandparent/child
  • Alter css encoding for header image shadow for W3C compliance
  • Fix unknown index warnings
  • WP 3.9 compat

6.1 download

…back to Semiologic Reloaded 2.0 development….


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