Updated Sem-Cache Bolstering Site Performance

A bug in how an external css file was being incorrectly processed led me to dig into the asset caching functionality of the Semiologic Cache plugin.  The purpose of asset caching is to improve website performance by reducing the number of requests for “assets” (javascript files and css files) will also reducing the size of the asset that needs to be downloaded.

Semiologic Cache has always had asset caching support but this latest bug served as a catalyst for me to dig into it and improve how it works. Well it has paid off well.  On a few sites where I installed it I was rocking all As and high 90s in the webpagetest performance scores.  The asset caching improved assets from the Semiologic theme and plugins, as well as 3rd party plugins and WordPress itself .

Semiologic Cache Version 2.8.1 includes:

  • Revamp of css and javascript file concatenating. Now working correctly especially footer scripts
  • Fix bug in handling of external css files only starting with url of /example.com/file/….. (no http: or https:)
  • Initial support for css compression. Seeing 10-25% file size improvements.
  • Caches flushed on WP upgrade

The plugin is part for of the Semiologic Pro package.  Those of you with current subscriptions should see the update notification in your dashboard along side the other plugins updated as part of WordPress 3.9 release compatibility.

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