WordPress 3.6 Compatibility Testing Underway

With WordPress 3.6 now at a Release Candidate 2 version the official 3.6 release is getting very, very close.   Testing of the Semiologic Reloaded Theme and all the plugins is underway.   As things test out ok they will be made available to the Semiologic User community through the normal Update process to those with valid memberships.   Overall things are looking pretty good.   Still, we have always emphasized not jumping on a WordPress release right away and waiting for that first point to become available with initial bugs quashed.


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  1. Tried Auto Thickbox plus in Wordpress 3.6. and Portfolio-Press theme.

    Plug in seems to work, but Settings are unavailable.


  2. Thanks for your reply, Mike.
    I got confused by the plug-in names.
    I used the “plus” version in one website and intended to do the same in a new one. But I actually installed your version.

    So the good news is that your Autothickbox seems to work.
    Just tried Autothick Box Plus and that one seems to work too.

    Wordpress users are just spoiled for choice ;-)

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